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Brandon has been studying astrology since 2010 when he was introduced to it by a fellow student. Brandon was born 4 months early and always wondered throughout his formative years why he was born when he was and upon discovery of his birth chart, the answers began to form. Brandon has over 6 active years of reading for friends and family, and over 2 years reading professionally. Brandon has a focus in evolutionary and intuitive astrology as well as experience in many other branches of the astrological practice. Brandon plans on moving towards astrological counseling as a future and is beyond excited to partner with The Gypsy Haven to begin that journey. 

Brandon prides himself on the depth that he is willing to explain to those across the table from him so that they may leave their session with a sense of inner understanding and know what tools they need to use to empower themselves after the session. 

Astrologers are the messengers of the cosmos and Brandon has a gift of channeling those celestial bodies into the sessions of his clients. If you are looking to have a conversation with the various energies within our universe, Brandon will happily provide.



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