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We will be doing a soft opening on Thursday 5/28/2020. We be open from 12pm-8pm, our normal hours. At this time we only be allowing 5 customers into the store at any given time. If you show up and there are already 5 people in the store we will ask you to wait in your car until a few people leave. On 5/29/2020 IL is supposed to move into Phase 3 and we are still waiting on the Governors instructions to what restrictions will be in place for non-essential retail. Then we will adapt our soft opening to match with the restrictions. As of now are prior requirements will be in place still (see below). Until the 28th we will still be by appointment only.
Our requirements for in store shopping:
**You MUST have a mask or face covering (ie. bandana, scarf etc. covering mouth and nose) on, inside the store.
**Gloves are an option..we WILL have hand sanitizer available.
**If you are feeling sick.. STAY HOME!!
**Keep to your scheduled time..so everyone can get a chance to get in.
**Keep to the social distancing guidelines of 6 feet from other customers...if applicable.
**For now...NOONE under 12 years old please.
To schedule a time PLEASE text me your name and the time you are looking for at 815-566-6007. We will let you know if that time is free or work with you to schedule another time.
During this time we will still be excepting orders online at https://thegypsyhaven.com/collections or over the phone for store pick up or shipping if you don't feel like coming in to shop. Feel free to contact us at 815-566-6007 with any questions, to place an order or to see what we have available that is not listed on the website as of yet.
We are hoping to go back to our normal hours with less restrictions starting May 29th, but will keep everyone posted as we keep monitoring the COVID-19 restrictions in IL.
PLEASE....Stay safe and Keep Healthy!!
Shay and Feather